"Gautam Nabar has been a younger colleague of mine in the past and has become a friend, an ability he holds in abundance. 

He worked with me as a young and very vibrant HR professional when I was involved in building a high profile business development team for the growth of our businesses then. Gautam did some outstanding work for us on this. 

We kept in touch always and I watched him grow into a fine HR management resource and then we connected when he began his practice as an OD specialist.

As a part of my duties as a member of the board of directors of a company, I asked management there to seek Gautam's help in rebuilding and restructuring the organization with a focus on performance. Again, Gautam exceeded my expectations and that of the company management. 

Gautam is well poised to utilize his decades of HR practices to help businesses in improving the performance of business organizations.

I wish him well in all his endeavors and continue to look forward to our friendship and association going forward."

 - Narendra Vachharajani

Mentor, Life Coach, Speaker

"I first met Gautam at a coffee shop in Bandra. I was introduced to him by Mr. Narendra Vachharajani, a personal mentor and a man I hold in very high regard. From day one, my expectations of Gautam were very high and after working with him for more than a year now, I am yet to be disappointed. 

We hired Gautam to redesign our organization from the bottom up. Being a family run company of about 150 people spread across 12 different stations in India, this is was going to be a tedious process for us as we’d never undertaken such an exercise before. This herculean task could only be achieved if we had the support of the critical members within our organization. This is where Gautam went above and beyond the scope of work to ensure a smooth execution. 

I think that is what stands out when you meet Gautam. Your problems become his. There is honestly in his pitch and sincerity in his execution. A rare combination in consultants you don’t see these days. The work is done only when the job is complete. He is approachable, professional and I’d like to believe that I’ve made a friend in him for a lifetime. 

I for one am extremely glad that we followed his lead in what otherwise could have been a cumbersome and unforgiving process at Allied Aviation"


 - Kabir Seth

Executive Director, Allied Aviation

"My organization, Global School Leaders, engaged Gautam to design and lead a 360-degree evaluation process for myself and my co-founder. I found Gautam to be extremely thoughtful and easy to work with. 

He spent time getting to know my organization and our needs, and customized the process to suit our challenges. His feedback was insightful and we used it to make concrete changes to some of our key processes."

-Sameer Sampat


Global School Leaders