We Are

a team of Organisation Development and People Consulting professionals driven to create sustainable systems & growth journeys for people and their organisation.​

We Believe

that sustainable change can be brought about by understanding the system and planning interventions in partnership with the client.
… everyone and all organisations have the capacity to grow to their full potential even in an adverse and intense environment.​

We Engage

organisations with a desire to create environments where,

  • people can experience fulfillment in what they do,
  • collective learning contributes to sustained growth,
  • self reflection and authentic conversations lead to relatability and trust.​


Why Us

Because we engage with your organisation with unbounded and passionate curiosity.


We understand what has worked and continues to work for your organization.

We know that every system is different and unique and what works for a system may not hold the answer for another.

But at a fundamental level we know that,

“Every system already has answers to the questions it is confronted by”

Our attempt is to enable awareness in the system, of what it is capable of, through various tools and methodologies.

In all that we do, we believe that the shift in systemic awareness is where change begins. We design interventions with this simple and powerful belief in our heart.

We make an authentic attempt to discover what is ‘alive’for the organization and work from the ‘now’. It is from this ‘now’that we co-create the future.



At a certain point I realized that I was driven by the sheer energy of creation, ideation and working with people. In the need to express myself and find my flow, I decided to strike out on my own. 

I am equipped with only my curiosity, ability to inquire into the status quo and desire to help systems script their growth.

TheGrowthStory is a space that I am passionate about cultivating, for people and systems. 

You will experience me as someone who brings keen understanding of business processes and people which is insightful in the journey. Someone who has high energy and loves to engage with people. 

Also, having worked across diverse sectors gives me a unique advantage in tailoring & cross-breeding people processes for businesses.

My PGDBA(Welingkar’s 2002) laid an excellent foundation which I have only sharpened over the years. My certification as an OD professional (ISABS 2017) has only shaped my outlook towards systems and deepened my understanding of human behavior.


Gautam Nabar - Founder